Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

A Fresh Start

fresh startFresh start programme aims to provide peer-to-peer led support and advice to the young people at risk of involvement, at the risk of gang/knife or extremism related crimes and offending and re-offending. The programme offers intervention approach to tackle criminal involvement of young Somali people in order to support them to deal with conflict and tensions. The programme use of trained peer to peer youth workers in order to deliver educational and training workshops around crime prevention, personal development and career and employment advice.
The programme has two priorities, (1) “Staying safe: preventing and protecting young people from harm and neglect” and (2) “Making positive contribution by preventing young people becoming involved in bullying, antisocial behaviour and crime help those at risk achieve positive outcomes by intervene effectively with young people who have offended or started a pattern of high risk behaviour.

What does the Fresh Start Programme offered?

  • Peer to peer sessions
  • Outreach sessions
  • One to one advice
  • Counselling sessions
  • Awareness workshops to parents, siblings, teachers and young people on gang crime, truancy, education and exclusion
  • Mentoring courses to prepare ex-offenders to become mentors

What does it offer young people?

  • Reduce level of conflict and tensions
  • Understanding of identity, difference and diversity within their localities
  • confidence, skills and experiences
  • Group work with young people enables them to explore the choices they are making and the consequences of their actions for themselves and others

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N1C Centre

Ground floor Plimsoll Building
Handyside Street
London N1C 4BQ

Office hours

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6pm