Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

Boys Youth Club

boys youth clubBoys youth club has been running since 2006 and offering different activities that include physical and educational activities which include table tennis, snooker, table, watching educational videos, Educational workshops, drop-in advice and signposting. The youth club has 2 aims firstly to offer physical activities for the participating youth so they can relax and enjoy with their peers while at the same time they can meet their potential friends and role models. This will reduce the isolation that most of Somali youth and other young people suffer which may lead to all sorts of problems i.e. mental health problems or to befriend with criminals that they meet in the streets in order to break their isolation.

Secondly, is to offer practical help i.e. in the form of advice and guidance sessions both in groups and in individuals for the participating youth. These sessions will deal youth issues both in individual and in group level. The youth club project aims to be more than just a youth club and sees the development, needs and aspirations of young people as paramount and takes a leading role in representing the views of young people at all levels. Over the years both youth club and holiday programme has been growing and has developed to offer a significant number of services to the young people in Camden.

What does it offer young people?

  • The youth club offers young people in the local area an informal setting to discuss all the relevant topics affecting young people today.
  • Support with their CV`s and interview techniques
  • First Aid , stop and search courses
  • Useful information around quitting smoking
  • Across Borough Sport, Youth Clubs, pool table and Table Tennis competitions
  • Platform for young people to represent SYDRC on the youth Action Group(YAG) and youth parliament

What does it offer young people?

  • Boost their aspirations, motivation and self-esteem
  • Access intensive one-to on- one support
  • Enjoy accessing regular youth club sessions, Key day trips, holiday sachems, residential/activities that require attendance at crime prevention, drug and alcohol
  • Develop employability skills
  • Achieve an accredited qualifications which include AQA, ASDAN

Visit us

N1C Centre

Ground floor Plimsoll Building
Handyside Street
London N1C 4BQ

Office hours

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6pm