Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

Girls Youth Club

girls youth clubThe main aim of the youth club is to give an opportunity to Somali young girls who have difficulties in fitting into mainstream British society and help them to achieve their potential through signpost, guidance and keep them away from crime and antisocial behaviour. In addition it encourages the young girls to be in education and integrate positively with wider society and take part in mainstream youth activities. The youth club delivers a range of activities and opportunities for girls in a culturally sensitive environment with the aim of encouraging more young women into mainstream provision such as education, training, employment and community work.

Many young girls from minority ethnic backgrounds are deprived of opportunities available to them due to barriers and lack of information and encouragement. Our youth workers use a range of extra-curricular and recreational activities to empower young women and inspire them to realise their aspirations. The project operates a number of other activities in our youth club including group discussions, cooking, empowerment training and team building activities. Volunteering and training programmes play a central role in our project in promoting community involvement, providing positive role models, and recruiting new female volunteer youth workers and participants.

What does it offer to young people?

  • Discover a new way of learning
  • Boost their aspirations, motivation and self-esteem
  • Access intensive one-to on- one support
  • Develop personal and social skills allowing them to take responsibility for, and learn from their own actions and behaviour
  • Enjoy accessing regular youth club sessions, Key day trips, holiday schemes, residential Activities that require attendance at crime prevention, drug and alcohol courses
  • Develop enterprise and employability skills
  • Achieve an accredited qualifications which include AQA, ASDAN & Duke of Edinburgh awards

Visit us

N1C Centre

Ground floor Plimsoll Building
Handyside Street
London N1C 4BQ

Office hours

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6pm