Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

International Youth Exchange Programme

eu exchangeOur International youth exchange programme bring together young people from different countries across Europe including Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Delegates engage in a structured schedule of participatory activities that included; group and team discussions, debates, presentations and practical individual and group exercises. The practical tools and techniques enable the young beneficiaries to explore and discuss issues of relevance and meaning to young Somali origin young people in Europe. The programme has designed to increase young participant`s self-reliance and determination to overcome social barriers; encourage the understanding of the common European values; heritage, tolerant and appreciate of other cultures, as well as their own.

What does the Youth Exchange Project are offered?

  • EU and its history, role and institutions
  • Social and economic issues affecting young Somali people in Europe
  • Improving the lives of young Somali people and their communities in a European context
  • Network and making new friends

What does it offer young people?

  • Increase their understanding and awareness of the social and economic issues affecting young Somali people in Europe.
  • Influence local and national policy effecting Somali origin young people in Europe
  • Boost their aspirations, motivation and leadership abilities
  • Increase appreciation of their roles and responsibilities as European citizens
  • Improve their self-reliance and determination to overcome social barriers
  • Improve their understand of the common European values
  • Increase their awareness of the European cultural and historical heritage

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