Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

Public Spaces

public spacesAccess to public space is central to how we flourish in multicultural urban life and British democracy. Safe, enjoyable access to public space of streets, parks, public transport networks and council estates is a root in the tree of social and economic integration which sustains the branches of family well-being, civic participation and employability. Security in public is even more urgent for refugees and Muslim women whose experience of political conflict and deep aspirations to thrive make them both more aware of and resilient in response to security issues. Most urgently, women’s insecurity hinders their carrying out of maternal duties and aspirations and demoralizes children.

What does the Public Spaces Programme are offered?

  • Self-care and health improvement: walking, tai chi or self-defence, swimming etc.,
  • Conflict mediation: workshops with NHS, Met Police, Transport for London on dynamics and tensions arising in different public spaces. Provides an opportunity for key agencies to learning about Somali women and access issues in public spaces
  • Women`s spaces: Networking opportunities for Somali women in a safe social area that will build personal well-being, community cohesion and help bridge with other ladies in Camden.
  • Intermediary services: female mentors will be trained to bring together voices and needs of their mentees and communicate them to the Camden Council, Metropolitan Police, housing companies, Transport for London and other relevant public agencies

What does it offer women?

  • Find support to work on their self-confidence and motivation
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn new skills an gain practical experience
  • Improve their employability skills such as communication, teamwork and reliability
  • Empower Somali women, including their sisters, mothers and grandmothers to help themselves, thorough improving their use of public spaces
  • Improve security as well as physical and mental health among mothers and their children
  • Influence local and national policy effecting women and girls
  • Discover a new way of learning

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