Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019

Sport and Leisure

sport and leisureOur sport and Leisure project is designed to boost young people’s sporting skills and act as diversionary activity which keeps the young people away and off the streets. The football activity alleviates boredom, instils discipline and plays a constructive role in developing team skills. The other outcome of this project is to help young people stay healthy and promote volunteering within the football project and their community. The project also provides regular football coaching and weekly practice sessions. Furthermore the project runs healthy living workshops and small group session focusing on special exercises and activities, including dieting, nutrition, exercise and the danger of alcohol and substance misuse. This also encourages the participants to get into the coaching programme which provides the opportunity to achieve FA accrediting football coaching certificate level1/2 and sport and community leaders’ qualifications.

Sport and Leisure programme offer:

  • Regular football coaching and weekly practice sessions
  • Diet, nutrition and health eating workshops
  • Alcohol and substance misuse workshops
  • Team building exercise

What does it offer young people?

  • Enjoy accessing diet and nutrition exercises
  • Enjoy working as part of a small team
  • Improve confidence and communication
  • Improve behaviour and instils discipline
  • Achieve an accredited qualifications including FA level1/2 , coaching and community leaders

Visit us

N1C Centre

Ground floor Plimsoll Building
Handyside Street
London N1C 4BQ

Office hours

Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6pm