Sydrc Achievement Awards 2019


SYDRC has opened their doors to our local policing teams. We have held events where Police and Somali youth have discussed their perceptions of youth crime, their encounters with local police and how they perceive stop and search is used. This has led to increased confidence amongst the Somali youth and a reduction in youth violence by their young people. It has also increased our officer`s knowledge of the issues effecting today`s Somali community in Camden.

Chief Superintendent John Sutherland | Former Camden Borough Commander

As the cabinet member for young people and economic growth for Camden I view the SYDRC as a key partner for the council in providing much needed services for young people often facing multiple deprivation. SYDRC have a strong track record in working with hard to reach young people in preventing school exclusion and offending. They have played a key role in lifting Somali achievement in Camden through their annual Somali achievement awards and year round support for education. They are also effective in promoting employment through mentoring, skills development and volunteering.

They have strong community links and are able to build relationships and support change with young people where other services struggle and are highly valued by the council as well as other partners. They also play a crucial role in providing a bridge between generations and between families and schools. They have been proactive about supporting community cohesion and helping the young people they work with to play a full and active part in the wider community. They are responsive to need for example leading research into the prejudice facing Somali women in public spaces.

They are a youth led charity and have developed a strong network of young people they have helped who are willing to support others. Their work has provided a model for other communities in Camden and staff are very generous with their time and expertise and consistently show a deep commitment to the young people they work with.

Cllr Georgia Gould | Cabinet Member for Young People and Economic Growth

I am delighted to send this message of support for the 14th Educational Achievement Award Ceremony for the Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC). I am really impressed with the work that the SYDRC has achieved.

It`s great to see that the younger generation of British Somali`s are working hard in schools and more determined than ever to forget a better future for themselves and their families. And of course, I want to thank all the teachers and parents who have invested so much of their time in our children.

I want to congratulate everyone who has been recognised at these awards tonight and I wish you they very best for the future.

Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP | Leader of the Labour Party

Britain`s Somali community is full of young people who are excelling, the proof is right here in this room. Tonight we see those who have done themselves proud, who have stayed up night after night revising, who have stuck with that tricky subjects it seemed impossible. Who have spent those extra hours in the library even if it felt like the last thing you felt like doing. It has paid off and you are here tonight celebrations your success.

These awards are hugely important, they don’t just showcase the talent of the British Somalis, they inspire other`s in the community to follow your lead, so that younger people will and think if you they can do it, so can I.

That is thanks to the Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC), now in their fourteen year. These awards have gone from strength to strength and I know they will continue to do so.

I wish you the very best of luck for the future.

Rt Hon David Cameron MP | Prime Minister

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