Jobs at SYDRC

Job Title Mentoring coordinator
Responsible for Director
Responsible for Development worker and volunteers
Salary £30,000 per year
Hours of work 35hrs per week
Annual Leave 20 days pa
Length of post 12 months: Extension dependent on funding



This is a vital role in the London borough of Camden. An approach to galvanising
communities and services to work together and making Camden a place where no one gets
left behind. A strong understanding of Camden, and the challenges that face the community,
in particular, the BAME community is an essential requirement of this role. The post holder
will support young people and families who are at risk of disengagement with the school to
re-engage working with them to raise aspiration and improve their performance. They will
also need to support young BAME people to reduce the impact of the recent pandemic of
COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown, including addressing issues of trauma.

The purpose of the role is:
Preparing and supporting BAME students at risk of disengagement from the school’s
system and addressing issues at school at the same time as having someone support
To work with students, schools, families, community volunteers and community leaders to
enable re-engagement of BAME pupils.
Having an understanding of how COVID-19 has had an effect on the BAME community
and in particular young people including issues around loss, coping with lockdown, family
trauma, dealing with returning to ‘normal’ life and partial lockdown and so on.
Outcomes or objectives that this role will deliver:
The post holder will work flexibly across the core functions listed below to support and lead
the successful delivery of reduction in students who are struggling with engagement in
schools and are at risk of exclusion. The post holder will encourage students to have more
school involvement and an increase in school performance.
Working in schools:
• Understanding school processes and structures.
• Professional dialogue with school leaders.
• Foster working relationship with the appropriate/assigned teachers.
• Working with the schools to prioritise the right young people for support.
Working with young people:
• Using creativity and problem solving to develop interventions which improve
outcomes for students.
• Small group work or individuals/gender-specific or mixed.

• Shaping and responding flexibly and creatively to the needs of the Young People
referred to including one to one work, small group.
• The key point of contact for young people.
• Ability to be able to have an authentic conversation with young people.
• Support the young person to build social capital.
• Help address with the impact that COVID-19.
• To work in line with a model of support that promotes the independence and
resilience of our students in order best to prepare them for their future study or
career goals.
Supporting volunteers:
• Ability to recruit, train and support BAME volunteers in a variety of different roles
and match them effectively with the right young people.
• Develop a system and structure for peer support as required.
• Being able to think creatively about alternative models of providing volunteers,
mentors and positive role models to students.
• Developing a network and infrastructure of support.
• Support volunteers to establish a relationship and rhythm that is appropriate for the
young person and the volunteer.
• Develop, coordinate, plan and deliver training sessions for volunteers including a
significant induction

• A strong understanding of Camden, the people who live here and its assets.
• Partnership working and relationship management.
• Relevant professional training/experience.
• Ability to ensure personal information is collected, stored, and managed appropriately
ensuring the confidentiality of information as appropriate.
• Knowledge of the legal implications of working with young and vulnerable people including
confidentiality, safeguarding of children and vulnerable people, health and safety and data
• Enhanced DBS.

Expertise and experience in:
▪ Experience of working with disadvantaged young people.
▪ Experience of working with challenging young people, challenging behaviour, and those with
low self-esteem and confidence and those not in education, employment, or training.
• Experience of creating, planning and delivering client-specific and structured mentoring or
training sessions.
• Experience of having group work sessions as well as working on a 1-2-1 basis with young
• Experience of working in an environment where safeguarding and child protection is of high
• Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation of projects.

• Experience of delivering programmes that are focussed on soft skills, mentoring and
• Experience of supervising staff and volunteers.
• Experience of working/liaising with other organisations and stakeholders.
Post holders must have the following skills:
• It was being able to build a constructive working relationship with a range of schools being
mindful that each school is unique.
• Working with young BAME students who are at risk of disengagement from the school shared
experience/ Camden schools / local community.
• Being respectful of the young person’s need for information, commitment and confidentiality.
• Experience of working with young people, including those with complex, high behaviour and
additional learning needs.
• Ability to develop a well-structured and well-supported volunteer programme to ensure highly
skilled volunteers adequately support young people.
Understanding of trauma-informed practice.

People Management Responsibilities:

The role would be managed by SYDRC (Somali Youth Development Resource Centre) they will work
as part of a wider team. They must have relevant people management skills to manage the
community volunteers, including effectively
• Supervision and support skills
• Ability to identify and support development needs
• Ability to be directive and supportive

The post holder will be largely self-managing with personal management and development carried out
within the service. Their day to day interaction while working on projects will be by the relevant
people, as below.
• Headteachers
• Young people
• Families
• Volunteers
• Community leaders
• Teachers

• Safeguarding team
• Camden Learning

The post holder will be expected to develop and maintain relationships across schools, students and
Work environment:
The post holder may be required to work in a variety of schools and workplaces.

Desirable Technical Knowledge and Experience:
• Degree level qualification or equivalent work experience.
• Experience of providing advice and recommendations to students and families members.
• Knowledge and understanding of influences on children and young people. e.g. peer
pressure, gang culture, bullying.
• Knowledge of Safeguarding & Equality acts.

Equal Opportunities
Our Organisation is fully committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities as an employer and
in the provision of all its services. It is the responsibility of every member of staff to ensure the practical
application of this policy.
• Ensure that all appropriate measures are taken with regard to the health and safety of all people
working at, using, or visiting any of SYDRC facilities, services or activities, both on and off-site.
• To ensure action is taken to eliminate any reported hazards to health and safety.
• Ensure awareness and observation of Fire and Health and Safety Regulations.
• Promote the safety & wellbeing of all children/young people regardless of the setting
This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. Priorities and responsibilities may
vary from time to time as SYDRC service delivery changes. Any review and subsequent changes will
be done in consultation and agreement with the post holder.
Closing date for application is 16th September 2020 at 1pm.
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